Suggestions for Lighting a night shot with a swimming pool


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I'm shooting a swimming pool at night to make a training film. The pool has colored lights in the pool and this is the focus of the film. I tried to shoot with the camera facing the lights and no other lighting. THe picture was grainy and horrible even when the lights were on in the pool using night mode on the camera.

All my research has led me to more light in the background so that the camera doesn't see black then all of a sudden immense light from the pool lights. I guess it makes so many adjustments to capture a good image that can't process it well.

I'm thinking I should light from overhead and shoot from over head, but I want to see the effect of the lights changing colors in the pool as that is one of the features of this product.

Is this a good approach, I'm thinking if it is lit from overhead it will light up the shape of the pool but not the water, thus I'll get a stable (non grainy image when the lights are changing colors etc. I'm user a consumer model mini dv camera. I'm an employee of the company that makes the lights so this isn't a full time job, economy sucks so we are trying to save $

Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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