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Dear friends and colleagues,

I am glad to present you the newly emerged independent film festival Cinema Perpetuum mobile, that will take place in Minsk, Belarus on January 13-15, 2012.
“Cinema Perpetuum mobile” is an international cinema cooperation festival that gathers independent filmmakers and their groups to work under the theme of the perpetual motion.

The project is aimed at cinema cultural diversity and the promotion of independent auteur movies. Festival cooperation aims to cover all countries and continents from Scandinavia to the Cape of Good Hope and from Patagonia to the Aleutian Islands.

“Cinema Perpetuum mobile” is a non-commercial project, thus NO FEES for participation will be taken.

The event is organized by the independent association "", a non-profit co-operative network for independent filmmakers and cinema lovers.

Any filmmaker or a filmmaking group can take part in the “Cinema Perpetuum Mobile” festival. In frames of the project, every participant shoots a short movie (max. 20 min.) on the given topic, namely the perpetual motion, or the “perpetuum mobile”. If you already have a film of your own that meets the concept of the festival you may as well send it to us and in this way take part in the festival. The authors are free to artistically interpret the theme and develop their ideas on what the “perpetuum mobile” is. All movie genres are acceptable except for documentaries. No breach of copyright is permitted.

We encourage you to spread this information among those who may be concearned, be it the filmmaker, willing to take part or any kind of organization, interested in becoming the friend of the festival and There are numerous ways for us to cooperate and promote independent filmmaking all over the world! Let's discuss it and act together!

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The deadline for registration is October 1, 2011.
The deadline for movies to send is November 15, 2011.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any enquiries and suggestions.