Student Short Film Requesting Funding

Andy Jarosz

New member

Hey all. I'm new here, but not new to filmmaking :). I'm a student, award winning, attended NAB this year (It's like heaven, but better, for those interested) and have full support from everyone I know.

Currently my only dream is to make this movie I have been working on. It's been a long time coming, and is in dire need of funding. We need $2k to start shooting, eventually working into around $5.5k. Literally anything will help.

We currently have a light and sound package lined up (big favor from a buddy.) The script is done and most of the parts are casted.

It's tentatively titled Sandstone, and is a story about a totalitarianism government built out of a nuclear war in the 60's. It involves a rebel group against the government where it hurts the most--and a most interesting genetic experiment entitles Sandstone.

It's not an action movie, though It does have a bit of action. The script is 45 pages long and I would be happy to send it to anyone who requests it.

I know we can get this done. We are shooting for three weeks and have most crew already good to go. We plan distribution everywhere, festivals, online, and a public screening here in the Chicagoland area.

My goal is to make a movie you will be proud to have helped support, and I will work furiously towards that goal.

I offer screen credit, a copy of the film, and anything else you may want to work out with me. To make it easy, I have a pledgie page at
If you want to send check or money, please contact me at

I would love to answer any questions. I leave you with a reel

Thanks a ton!