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Hey Community,
My name is Steven Christian. I play Safety for the Oregon State University Football Team. I am going into my senior season after recovering from two hip surgeries, transferring from University of Hawaii, getting my undergraduate degree, getting accepted into graduate school, and playing my first season at OSU in 2012. Among other thing, I am an aspiring artist and animator who has various projects going on, which include creating my first animated series. If you would like to help be apart of my project or have any information that would be very valuable. I would greatly appreciate it. If anything else, I would appreciate if you could share this email with other so that more people are aware of what I am trying to do. It is about time student-athletes like myself try to utilize the skills we learn from playing and incorporate them into other avenues of life. Hopefully, what I do can serve as an example for those with the same aspirations as me.

I only have 3 pledges right now and there are only 15 days left to pledge!!!

The Goal:
Hire another animator
At Least 6 Episodes and Shorts
Remastering the Current Webcomics
Produce Posters
Possible T-Shirt designs

Here is the kickstarter link:

Much like my comics, I plan to incorporate sketch comedy and combine them with various themes and trends in social media to show the relevance and impact that they have on the future of our society.

The characters will go on mundane adventures that include the road to becoming a rapper, taking over social trends, and dancing...Lots and lots of dancing!!