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Hi all.
I’m beginning to make videos with the iPhone (7plus) using Filmic pro. I always saw some “flickering” (not sure it’s the right term) when I move the iPhone while filming, and I thought it was because of the high shutter speed, specially when filming in bright light. So I bought a variable ND filter, and filmed the test clip in the link below using 24fps, 48 shutter speed and 22 iso. Still that unpleasant effect is there when moving the camera…any ideas?
Thanks for any hints…


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Yes...actually, when I shoot video in the iPhone, with any app, I see the same effect...I thought it was inherent to the device, but I’ve been seeing videos so good that I realized I’m doing something wrong...can’t get the buttery motion I see in others clips...thought it was shutter speed, but no...

Kim Welch

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I meant SD card. I don't know that much about the Iphone7 so maybe it's an android thing. Just trying to think of what might cause the effect and I know I have see messages on the samsung asking me where I want to store things.


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Oh, iPhones only have internal memory...I’ve found a video saying that it could have something to have with lower frame rates and moving the camera too quickly...comments about the phone image stabilizer...I’ll make a series of tests tomorrow and try to figure out...if I do, I’ll post here...thanks!
I had a similar problem with my iPhone 7 footage. I ended up just not using the video feature that much because of it. Its strange as for me, it only happened in certain conditions. I ended up getting a new iphone 7 down the road and havent noticed the issue since. Maybe something wrong with certain batches of the phone?
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Hi Matthew,

Thank you! Your website rocks. Are you reasonable on rates? Can you give StudentFilmmakers members a discount??? :)
Haha Thank you! I would definitely be willing to chat about offering StudentFilmakers a discount on shoots.