straight 8 is open for 2016 - one week to enter

Will Cummock

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after a 3 year hiatus straight 8 is back and open for entries

we invite anyone, anywhere to make a short film on one cartridge of kodak super 8mm cine film

you send the cartridge back to us unprocessed and upload a soundtrack

we'll take care of processing and hd telecine at cinelab london

if it's great, you'll see your film for the first time at its packed premiere at cannes film festival in may 2016

we'll be organising further cinema/festival screeenings later in the year too, showing more films

entry is open now until feb 29th and you'd need to get your finished film back to us in london by apr 4th

more details, past films and entry is at

we're really excited to be back and can't wait to see a brand new crop of straight 8 films

Kim Welch

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Kodak never once sponsored StudentFilmmakers Magazine or workshops. We had schools from high schools to universities requesting over 12,000 magazines from all over the USA and around the World. hundreds of testimonials from students and professors, more than of any educational magazine in the industry. We have had professors order the magazines for use in their classes and we get requests to reprint content every year from instructors and we did many workshops with many ASC members who used film and loved film. We need hand have needed sponsors to print the magazines and pay for space and overhead to produce low cost workshops. We asked them every year multiple times to support contests, workshops and the magazines and newsletters for over 10 years. Ten Years of asking many times to help print Magazines with an advertisement. The people at Kodak said I was promoting digital filmmaking and that they didn't like that and not once did they do anything with us! That is just wrong, right?
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