Special Thanks to Roy London



This documentary pays homage to one of the most influential and
revered drama coaches of the latter 20th Century, London helped stars
such as Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt, Garry Shandling, Patrick Swayze, Jeff
Goldblum, Michelle Pfeiffer and Geena Davis come to grips with
themselves and the camera.

For a firsthand account of Roy London's impact on the life of these
famous actors and actresses you can watch the trailer at the following

After watching this trailer, you will be asking yourself how can I
watch it in its' entirety. To purchase the DVD, please visit the
following URL.



New member
hi! i know this is an old old post...but i'm hoping for some advice on where to watch this doco online or buy it. the official page is dead and i've been searching high and low for a copy of this movie.

fingers crossed...