Sound Mixers swapmeet on May 11th in Burbank Calif

Saturday, May 11, 2019 noon to 3pm at Trew Audio in Burbank. Free BBQ lunch.

Note that this event is being put on by the Los Angeles Production Sound Mixers Facebook group, and is NOT a Trew Audio commercial event (even though Trew is providing the location and a lot of generous support). The event is being put on by the group, and all sales are between the sellers and buyers -- not between the buyers and TREW. It is not only a great opportunity to find some good gear at good prices, but an excellent way to network with some of the town's top Production Mixers.

And one of our regular magazine contributors, Fred Ginsburg CAS -- will be manning the grill and also there to answer questions. Event Description:
A production sound flea market with motivated buyers and sellers dedicated to finding new homes for used production sound gear. There is a peace of mind that comes with buying gear from people, face to face, within your local sound community so join us for a fun day of Music, Food, Gear Chat, entertaining war stories and the occasional grenades of wisdom that can always be found at an event like this. 

PLEASE NOTE: RSVP’s are encouraged so we can be sure to have enough food for everyone. There are two types of RSVP’s available. SELLERS & BUYERS. Buyers are Free. Sellers are $20 which includes a space on the sales floor along with a 6ft table and a Chair.
All Sales are between the buyer and the seller. Trew Audio will not be involved in those transactions.

Sellers: You will be allowed in early to set up your table. We will contact you with those details a few days before the event.

Huge thanks to the crew at Trew Audio for hosting us.


Kim Welch

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I wish I could attend. working on the next issue and the huge list of things to do!