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Gary Owens

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On Oct 5 I asked if anyone could advise me on the possability of rigging a mic jack to a Mini DV camera that has only a built in mike. Does anyone read this stuff or am I just being ignored??????


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I doubt you're being ignored, it's just really hard to do: you'd have to open up the case and wire up a connection to the internal mike, and might have to adjust voltages to make it work. All in all, unless you're an electronics expert you're likely to screw up the camera doing it yourself, and it would probably cost less to buy another camera with a mike input than to pay an expert to do it for you.

I'd just borrow a decent DAT or minidisk recorder and record sound on that with a clapper board to sync it up. It's a bit time-consuming to sync the audio to the video, but not hard.