Soulful lounge tune - Nice Morning by Artur Bayramgalin.


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We- that is Karmaloft Music - got some beautiful music dropping! Alongside a highly capable and beatifully versatile team Artur Bayramgalin presents his EP „All day long“. Smooth beats, jazzy and slightly funked arrangements, buzzy bass notes (Alexander Kartashov - bass) carefully acted vocals (Alina Aminova; Prudent , Gulnaz Fathlislamova) and a number of expertly recited solos (Ridal Dias - sax; Artur Gimaev - tp; Margarita Dubrovsky - va) make for a genuinely authentic EP.
Karmaloft Music label team.
Copyright: ℗© Karmaloft Music
Total Length: 17:09
1. Nice Morning 4:02
2. Merry Go Round (feat. Prudent) 4:14
3. Dr Bay 4:34
4. Just Say Goodbye 4:19