Sony HXRMC2500 - sdi pattern generator

John Goforth

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Hi guys, i was looking for the cheapest 3g-sdi pattern generator for HXRMC2500 camcorder, i need embedded audio and moving patterns support, so far i found this 3G-SDI pattern generator for $690, has anyone had any experience with this unit? Which pattern generator do you use? Thank you! :cool:

Kim Welch

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Hi John Goforth, Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting! I knew a Goforth in Dallas Texas! In regards to sdi pattern generators. I don't use one and never heard of one. I assumed it was a calibration tool and so I did a quick looked it up on google and I was at least somewhat correct I think? What do you use it for and what is your workflow?


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Hey John,

I have not had experience with the pattern generator that you mentioned. In the past, I have used Thor's 3G-SDI pattern generator, which is relatively cheap and it works quite well. If your unit is similar, I think it would do what you need it to for your camcorder. Also, with 4k and 8k on the horizon, do you think that the 3G products will be outdated shortly? Do they have pattern generators for 8k yet?