Some royalty-free music to use in film projects


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Hi everyone! I'm Clarissa, and I am a part of TEAM152, a team of music composers who specialise in making music for film.
I'm new to this forum, so I thought I'd start off by sharing some royalty-free (creative commons) music tracks that we made for filmmakers to use on their projects.

They're available for download here:
We plan to keep adding tracks to the library, so keep a lookout for that :)

Would love to chat and get to know other filmmakers, and possibly start some collaborations, so feel free to reply or send me a message! :D


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Hello Clarissa and welcome to our community! Thank you for sharing your project with us, I am confident that many will find this information extremely useful for their projects. I have listened to a few songs from the library and I totally love them. They are so calm and nice and the quality of the sound is amazing! Great job!


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One of my favourite phrases for these years is Royalty free music because I pay a lot of money to different platforms to get license for their music and that is kinda sad story. 30% of my income is wasted on quality music. The only platform that have a reasonable price is, $19 for month and I have unlimited access to all the souds. Maybe soon I will work only with them, they are really good guys. Btw, I already know how I'm gonna use your materials, I have a few videos from the seaside, they will fit perfectly.
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