Software for storyboarding...

Software for storyboarding...

  • I'm the Director of Photography, and I need something to hit the director over the head with when hi

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  • I'm the set designer and/or art director and use the storyboards as a blueprint

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  • I don't need them

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  • They're a waste of time and limit my creativity

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frame forge's 3d storyboarding software.
frameforge3d I've never used it, but I've read some good reviews. Typically I use digital photographs to accomplish a more accurate shot for storyboarding, but I think the software is worth considering if it ends up saving time.
I also know that some NLE software offers storyboarding layouts...
If anyone recommends any other story boarding methods, I'd love to hear em...
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Sorry to continue raising this old thread from the dead, but I know there's a bunch of others folks needing to decide which software to roll with.

Storyboard Quick is simple but limited. If you're serious about becoming a motion picture director I'd also consider investing in something that has 3D capability. Simple storyboarding with Storyboard Quick is still necessary but sometimes it doesn't do your imagined shot justice.

I did a super rough test with FrameForge 3D the day I bought it. I used FrameForge to storyboard our student short film. Keep in mind the sample vid is nowhere near refined.

If you can afford both programs gettum both. Or, better yet, you buy one and have your right hand crew member buy the other.


I always use storyboard quick and find it to be very useful. Farinheight_Pro mentioned that if "you're serious about becoming a motion picture director" then three dimensions are neccessary... I disagree with that, because professional motion picture directors don't bother belaboring the point: quick and dirty is often the best way to get ones vision down on paper in order to communicate it to the crew. But if 3-D is that important to you, I know that the makers of storyboard quick also have storyboard artist as an alternative for those who want the extra dimension. I would imagine that storyboard artist is a better compliment to storyboard quick than frameforge is, since they're from the same company and have the same user interface.