So, who is Doc Bernard???????

Well, everyone I work with calls me "Doc". It is rare that I get called by my given name, only my mother uses it. For all intent and purpose, Doc IS my first name.

So, on the film-making side, allow me to re-introduce myself:

1. I am a SAGe and AFTRAe actor. Though I consider myself a "hack-tor", just wrapping an Indie feature as a supporting actor. Been featured on TV several times, though mostly on Cable (SPIKE TV (Supporting Role and Tech Advisor), and a few other networks CBS-Three Rivers) IMDB Hate IMDB, though. Such a farce on who gets listed and who doesn't. I am a very specialized actor. Action related. Anything with stunts and/or weapons, or technical roles (Doctor/Surgeon/Firefighter/Police/Military)

2. The proud owner of Indie Arms, a company that provides weapons, SFX, stunt coordination, tech advising, and actor training in weapons.
3. My "bread and butter" job is flying location sound on set. I have my Associates Degree in Audio engineering. And I was given the great honor of working with the greatest of the great, Mr. Martin Scorsese, recording his interview for a well known camera company.
4. I have produced several films, 2 have garnered some serious awards on the student film level. One going all the way to the International level at CampusMovieFest (Honorable Mention, at that level)
5. Used to own a production company, which failed from a doomed partnership, but I got a ton of experience on the business side from it. I have shot on everything from a Sony Handi-cam to a RED with Cooke glass.

So in answering my own question: I am the "Swiss Army Knife of Action Film-making"

Here are a few examples of a few of the things I have been involved in:
Weapons, Acting, SFX Supervisor: "The Locket"
Weapons, Acting, Producer: "Dilated"
Weapons, Actor Training, Tech Advising: "Killjoy"
Weapons, Second Unit Director, Stunt Actor: "Gig"

LOL, directors seem to love to kill me off on screen. A featured "death":

Sound: "League of Ordinary Gamers"

But you wanna know something? I continue to learn from every single set I step on, and if there is any secret I can pass on to you, it would be that. Never pass up an opportunity to learn something-anything on set. And despite working major production sets, I still love working on/with student films.
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