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I want to thank Kim Welch for giving me the honor of being one of the moderators on

That being said, I hope each and everyone of our valid and honored members would help us to keep this site relatively spam free and professional.

Each of us needs to remember the film industry is a large yet small community. People I worked with when I was new to film I see today. Sometimes as their employee, sometimes as their boss. Always keep that in mind when posting. You never know who you can run into in this industry.

That does not mean not give an opinion. That means give it professionally and courteously.

Should you encounter spam or inappropriate behavior, please report it to me or any of the other moderators ASAP. That behavior will not be tolerated, and since we cannot be in all places at all times, we depend on our members to help us moderate this site.

Yours in service,
Steven "Doc" Bernard

Kim Welch

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I appreciate the help of all the new moderators and if i didn't get with you and you wanted to be added to the list i will in time email you again. I want to respond to about a hundred emails and about the same number of posts but I have two issues of the magazine in production phase of layout and financing and I have a major trade show (the NAB Show 2012) coming with deadlines for marketing materials, creative and editorial so I have to sort out and prioritize and the top survival and public relations things have to be done first. So, just because i didn't reply to you doesn't mean i don't want to. And, for your information, if you are thinking about starting a website and magazine in the Entertainment industry prepare yourself like you are preparing for war on the battlestar galactica or something similar. :) of course the great recession didn't help things. I get about a thousand emails per day from all kinds of people and sometimes assets get lost in the stream. So, I don't mind if you send me a friend reminder especially if you want to Moderate and you are already signed up here with your real name. Thanks again and i will get some promotional pages up for our moderators soon i promise.

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