SLOBBIES: The birth of CoolAsFire


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Ol'Mom, a fat woman in a yellow dress with orange hair, is moarning her husband's passing at his gravesite. She remembers all the good times they've had together. How they first went out for example. Her father went along on their first date, believe it or not, because he didn't trust Greg with his daughter. So he was watching Greg's every move at the showing of the movie Revenge Of The Killer Popcorn at the cinema. Later on came the proposal. They were both a bit distracted, Ol'Mom by candy, but eventually they got married. Greg developed a passion for spiders, and started a hobby of collecting these six legged freaks. But he ended up being killed by a black widow. Ol'Mom thought that's all she would have of Greg then, but then we see her having his baby in the hospital. The baby shall be called CoolAsFire, because he looks so cute and mean and tough in Ol'Mom's sunglasses. Fast forward a few years, and CoolAsFire is now a sassy, wild teenager, smoking in his room, skipping school. Oh dear.