should we start some kind of actor database?

Kim Welch

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what would it look like. are there any examples out there that anyone knows about? I was thinking we might want to do something seperate from the forums for actors actresses and people looking for work


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great to have an actors database

great to have an actors database

It would be great to have an actors and actresses database for people looking for work as well as for people in search of actors and actresses. I'm currently looking for actors, actresses, athletes, fitness professionals and models who are interested in working on a fitness instructional video project.


Hi Kim...
a great way to set-up an actors database... as far as "how it should look" goes...
is to have a on-page bio.
On that page should be the following:
#1 - Name
#2 - Head Shot
#3 - Location
#4 - Short Narrative Biography
#5 - Selective (or complete depending on size) filmography

Generally, that's what I would find to be usefull information when looking for new actors to interview, audition & possibly hire.


That's a really good idea. I was just actually looking for a good acting foum, but couldn't find one. I'm pleased to see this.

belle epoque

actor database examples I use

actor database examples I use

I'm using for my portfolio (print) and for my e-resume/headshots.

Basic musecube is free, allows ten photos and therightcast is something like $12/yr, with upgrades you can add your reel/V.O., etc. There is also a PDF feature.

Forming a talent database is a wonderful idea.