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I have several short screenplys looking for a good home ...

Rain Dogs 13 pages - Revenge never sleeps.

Bulldog Girl 6 pages - How to procure a really nice car, and a few other things. SOLD/PRE-PRODUCTION

As I Remember Her 6 pages - A city gardner is the unwitting caretaker of the dead.

Angry Monkeys 6 pages - A police Detective comes to terms with shooting a child in a car accident.

Whore 9 pages drama - We do what we need to do.

Wisdom of Leaves 6 pages drama - A young girl teaches her Grandfather about wisdom.

When Mary Comes Marching Home 6 pages - (this one is pretty harsh) A woman soldier suffers violent, post-traumatic stress after being freed from captivity. No dialogue.

Honeysuckle 14 pages - Erotic vampires. There is a perfect job for everyone. You just need to live long enough to find it.

Top of the World 13 pages - Losing your job can really suck.

No Free Lunch 6 pages drama/ action - No dialogue in this short 'crime drama/action' about a new city program to clean up the streets.

The Mannequin 10 page drama - A man without a face becomes living art for an aspiring student.

Dilegua, o notte 9 page drama - A young girl discovers a gift for her ailing mum

Middlebury Tales 12 page drama - A tween boy comes to terms with the onset of schizophrenia. SOLD

Loves Only Witness - 8 page drama - The last man alive tries to save the last woman alive.

Thicker Than Water 10 page action/drama - A brother and sister head out for a night on the town. It won’t be long before they meet up with some big ugly.

Ignoble Pursuit 10 page drama - Two brothers deal with hard times and some bad history – a bad history destined to repeat itself. SOLD/FILMED

Butterflies Never Die 5 page historical drama - A war prisoner wants to change her memories before she is executed.

The Deal Maker 15 page drama - A student studying overseas has a brush with fate when he witnesses the mugging of a child.

Collecting Butterflies 9 pages drama - Sometimes that first kiss doesn’t go so well.

Grope**** Lane 25 pages drama - She hated the new house to death

A Matter of Habit 6 pages drama - A Man resorts to extortion of the macarbe after witnessing a cold-hearted crime.

Stuff 5 pages dromedy - When fate collides, our stuff will reveal all our secrtes

Lake Madness 6 pages drama - A homage to the exploitation films in the 70s

Blue 6 pages drama - Obsessive behavior can be difficult to live with

Gun Baby 8 pages crime drama - How not to rob a bank

The Key 6 pages suspense - A man finds an unusual way to die

Anne 7 pages drama - William Shakespeare is inspired to write after the Black Death claims his young sister, Anne. Based on true history.

Anomonys 4 pages drama - An internet troll gets his just rewards

On Celestial Mountain 4 pages Western drama - An old frame bought at a yard sale comes with some lost history

The Third Element 5 pages action - A crime boss wants to get back something stolen from him. He didn’t expect a tag-along to help out.

Persimmon Gate 5 pages action - A woman in a purgatory style prison waits for her twelfth prayer to free her, before she is ordered to commit Seppuku.

Armed and Dangerous 4 pages Western comedy - A battle over one of the frontier’s rare commodities.

Two Birds 5 pages Western action - One bullet, one shot, two birds.

Finding Home 20 pages drama - A woman gives up love to follow her dream. Some dreams come at a heavy price.

Fragments of Gold 30 pages drama - A teen woman fights against the system in an effort to save knowledge in

a post internet world. (written with Kegan Sant)

I have a few more floating around on a disk here or there. I'll post them up when I find it.



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Still got those scripts

Still got those scripts

Hi, I am a third year Media Production student currently undergoing my FMP (Final Major Project) I would like to direct a short film but I am not very good when it comes to writing, so I am searching for anyone who would like to see their screenplay come alive.

I am very interested in dramas but open to other ideas.

Showreel Link:

Thank you
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