Short screenplays available...


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I have a number of short Screenplays available, if you'd like to see any just message me or email me at tcawood @

Above the Fog

12 Days in the Life of Rex
A boy takes his first shaky steps on the road to becoming a serial killer.
Dark drama/horror/comedy, approx. 15 minutes

Head to Head
A father and son sit at the dinner table and discuss death and the some of the folk tales surrounding it... and how they might prove them right, or wrong.
Dark drama/horror, approx 5 minutes

A Certain Romance
Two people take their first relationships steps across the table in crowded cafe. Without speaking to each other they discover something in common and silently build from there.
Quirky love story, approx 10 minutes.

Let Me In
A couple argue about infidelity through a locked door, the evidence of the affair littered throughout the house they share, or is it?
Dark drama/horror, approx 7 minutes

Fashion Statement
A trio of friends sit in what appears to be a tattoo studio and try and decide what they should get. But it's not tattoos on the menu here.
Near future drama, approx 5 minutes

Run Don't Walk
A group of Doctors discuss what they are going home to do, but why are they in such a hurry, and what are the explosions behind them.
Drama, approx 5 minutes