Short Horror - Dead End Street (FilmMaker Wanted)


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Hey I'm new to the forum, a friend of mine referred me to here as I'm looking for a FilmMaker to make my original short.

I'm also currently writing an original feature, and I'm roughly 60 pages through it.

Title: Dead End Street (Working Title)

Length: 28 Pages Long

Genre: Horror

Written by: Peter Pearson

Plot Outline:
The story is about a group of movie influenced psychopaths, taking it on themselves to make their own horror movie. Plaguing the streets with death, they post their victims murder's on the internet to lure viewers to watch, not knowing viewing, they'll be next in line.

Plans: Get made by an Indie FilmMaker, and get the original piece made to start off my IMDB.

Direct Link to View it End Street - R2.pdf


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Don't let the plot outline make you stop reading it, that's just the plot, the story is actually twisted and the scene's are quite entertaining.

If anyone has had a read, please leave a comment. Cheers.