Short Film Funding


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I'm a new member here and a student filmmaker who will be pursuing my MFA, and while I've learned so much, I still struggle to find funding for my short film projects. It seems like most screenwriting contests, film festivals, and crowdfunding sites are dominated by those who already have some industry experience or who have been practicing their craft for years. Because of this, I've decided to launch a short film funding contest (found at to help out other filmmakers who may face the same challenges. The contest has yet to launch, but I have a landing page set up to collect email addresses from those interested. While I am new here, it would be incredible to get this community involved in the contest, as it's really geared toward independent and student filmmakers. You write one sentence describing a film concept for a chance to win up to $10,000 in funding. Some more information that I have on my website,

“Starting out as an independent filmmaker not based in Los Angeles or New York City, I found myself struggling to raise financing and find resources for my film projects, and it appeared that many contests were dominated by those who already had industry experience or access to better resources and crew.

The Film Fund is a short film contest designed to level the funding field, as no advantage is given to entrants based on industry experience. Effective storytellers should be able to succinctly convey the vision they have for their projects. That's the basis of the contest.”

Let me know what you think!