Setting up a shot list



I'm a student director and I've got a question on collaboration with a DP. In the event that storyboards get thrown out on the day due to location change, inspirational blocking change, ect... how do you tend to get a shot list put together for the day quickly?

I've found that I have a tendency to cut everything in my head when I block a scene with actors, and I then like to quickly walk through the shots with the DP while they're fresh in my mind. The problem this has caused is that it invariably appears like I don't want the DP's ideas and have all the decisions done. This isn't the case as I prefer to think of that set of shots as basically a backup plan, and genuinely hope that I can get some more ideas or alternate approaches suggested.
It doesn't take much time to right down a new list of shots for a day -- after all, if the list is over 30, then it's probably too long anyway.

It's OK to lay out for the DP your plan of attack - that's your job as a director. Just give the DP a few moments to let it sink in and offer suggestions.

Once the shot is being lined up, you and the DP will probably make changes, adjustments anyway. Same goes for coverage -- as you shoot more angles on the scene, it may change your idea of what else is needed for editing, you may drop or add a shot.