Selling sponsorships/advertising

Kim Welch

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I sell sponsorship/advertising for the magazines. It's hard work. There are a lot of competitors. Today I had someone tell me I had to write about their product in a positive way even though I have not ever seen it or used it and they said that other online publishers were doing this! I said send me one and I will try it and then write about it. They said no that they didn't have enough of them. How can I do that? I need advertisers but I am not doing it! Some of these companies have horrible leaders God bless them. Sponsors/Advertisers are the ones that pay to print our magazines and ship over 11,000 magazines to universities and another 14,000 to subscribers it also pays for our operating expenses which are many including, workshop space, cameras and equipment, phones, payroll, electric, servers, computers, supplies, and many more things we have to have to operate.
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