Searching for a 3-4 minutes short film script


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I'm an italian director, I'm searching for a screenplay (in english, italian or french) for a self produced short film to be realised in a very short time with an extremely low budget (700 $ I won at a short film contest).
The fee for the script is to be agreed and it will also depend on the short film production cost.
The 3-4 minutes limit is not binding, is just to suggest 1-2 shooting days.
I'll shoot with a DSRL (even 2, if absolutely necessary) and we can count on a wide lens equipment, a camera rig, a 90cm slider and probably a 2-3mt crane and a 3mt dolly (I'll be able to borrow them if they're not in use during our shooting days).

Just to give you an idea of my works, here they are a couple of links: (English subs) (English)

My contact page: