Searching filmmaker for Highlining movie


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We are a group of professional highliners and climbers and we are searching for people who are interested in making a short movie about our upcoming US Tour. If you are not familiar with slacklining/highlining, take a look at our website:

and you can get a feel for what we are about. We basically travel all around the world on almost no money. this year we were lucky enough to get our flights paid and a little bit of food and gas money, but as we will be sleeping mostly outside, we won't have to spend a lot. In this job you don't make very much, but you get the opportunity to see things and places that most people will never even know about.

We cannot promise much in the way of monetary compensation, but what we can offer is the opportunity to get your film seen by thousands of people. We will be making bi-weekly video blogs detailing our adventures and new projects, and we would like to have some guest filmmakers involved to get some different perspectives on this way of living. These videos will be spread around the community of slackliners, articles will be published in several magazines and on their websites, including the websites of major companies such as prAna, Deuter, Ortleib and Gibbon.

If you are interested, please contact me and we can see if its feasible to work together.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

the team