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hi everyone,
i ve got a script and someone interested but i need to know how to proceed to the next step. What does one do, register the script? get an agent? how do you get an agent without an agent getting in contact with you, first? do you send a person you don t know your script over email? even if they say they like the idea and want to move forward?
need help.


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First step, I would not send the script to anyone without registering it first. Most people I've come across won't even accept to read unless its registered first.

Agents basically are good for three things: 1) to shop your scripts around and get it read by potential buyers and interested parties, 2) to handle the terms of the sale of the script, and 3) take their cut of your profits from the sale to cover their services.

You've got #1 covered already, and that's usually the big one. If you can handle #2 by yourself, you can avoid #3 this time.

You could go either way though. Its sometimes difficult to get an agent, and if you approached one now with a potential buyer on the hook, you might stand a better chance. Conversely though, if you can make sale and a profit for yourself, I'm not sure that I'd feel the need for an agent at this time.

Good luck