Ruth (2017) or Strong as Death is Love


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Hello all,

I'm not a film student but I've always loved film. While I was doing an MA I decided to make a short film with the college's camera. Although many people were interested at the beginning, as production went on people dropped off, including the original actress.

I ended up doing everything myself with three actors. What I've gotten out of the experience is a desire to do more work in film and make this one as good as possible. I'm thinking of submitting it to local festivals if only to gauge what reaction it would get.

Any feedback, on content or form, is appreciated. If you like Richard Linklater, you'll probably get where this film is coming from.



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Got it! I'll try to be brief.

So the short is about this damaged girl named Ruth who thinks that she has to cut herself off from other people and her desires in order to be a good writer. The problem is that she's attracted to this insecure guy named Philip and thinks she can't overcome everyday distractions, so she plans to commit suicide.

That same day Philip is thinking of killing himself on her balcony, but he accidentally breaks her potted plant, making her accidentally break her wine glass. She comes out to get a broom, and the conversation they have ends up saving them both from themselves.

The film was inspired by my college's rigorous philosophical curriculum, its setting in the mountains, and the mix of banal and sublime thoughts that implies. People there talk a lot about the "argument of the action" in authors like Plato and Shakespeare, meaning the way you can make characters say and do things that connect into a whole and what that implies about a poetical work's philosophical message.

I ended up having to throw out four months of footage when the original actress quit and a lot of nighttime footage because of lighting issues, but I managed to film everything I needed in a month thanks to a classmate who let us use her balcony and room. The actors were very quick to adapt and gave performances that save the film from my unsteady hand while hanging off the balcony's railing and continuity errors I made while trying to do everything myself.

I started working on it in September of last year, graduated in May, and I've been editing it ever since. I'm hoping that I can make it as good as possible by the end of this month, submit it wherever it has a shot, and try to find that same thread of human experience running through other stories.
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