Robert Redford Speaks Out for Freedom of Expression at Sundance 2015

Kim Welch

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Park City (United States) - The Sundance Film Festival opened Thursday with movie legend Robert Redford speaking out for freedom of expression, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.
Redford said the attack was a "wake-up event"
The 78-year-old promises that the festival, will be a "safe place" for all films, regardless who they offend.
"We believe in diversity, and freedom of expression is very much fundamental to us. ... You see a lot of films here that are going to upset other people, but that is OK, it's diversity."
In regards to the attacks on the Paris publisher, he said: "That was a sad event, it was a shocking event. I also have a hunch it was a bit of a wakeup event," adding that "to try to create a safe place for filmmakers ... is what I think Sundance represents."