Replicating Sunlight


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How to replicate sunlight with Artificial lights?

How to control it?

Which type of lights are mostly used for this?

Please suggest.


If it's 12 noon light, you are going to need a very strong light that create shadows and comes from above your subject. Also bear in mind midday color temperature is almost at 6000k, so it's a kinda bluish. You can set that on your camera or adjust your light to that color temperature with filters or changing the temperature if it's LED.

You can use fresnel lights to have more control over them or get some barndoors. The lights you'll need it's going to depend on your budget and your location. A 300D Aputure could be an option, you might need 2 though. Then you can go above that or similar in different brands. I think a 800w HMI is out of the budget but it would be perfect for the job.

Hope this helps!