Render from Maya to Pinnacle


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I've made an animation in Maya, and Batch rendered all the 100 frames to Targa. Then I've imported them in Virtual Dub and Batch rendered the frames again to Targa images. But when I Batch rendered in Virtual Dub I only got 1 file. :shock: I should have 100 images which I have should imported in Pinnacle Studio 10.

Is there an other way to import the 100 frames in Pinnacle, than render frames per frames in Virtual Dub?

-- Bossen --


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I haven't used Pinnacle Studio much, but softwares liked Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, have an option to import Image Sequence when importing images numbered after eachother. When doing so, the file shows up as one, but when played, all frames will play as a clip. If Pinncale doesn't support that, another option is to render your images as an AVI in Maya. For your Virtual Dub you should have an option to render out as a Quick Time file, or as an AVI, that way you just import a video file to Pinnacle. Or, Virtual Dub have the option to render out as Targe Sequence, that should render all your frames as indevidual targa files, but then you need to be able to import Image Sequences in Pinnacle.