I'm a swedish guy who have a good idea for a script. My english is very good and I do understand the language more or less perfectly but I still have some problems writing things down to make it sound naturally.
I would like to have somebody to help me writing the script. If you fancy the idea below and believe in it enough to write it together with me please send me a mail:
I can't provide any payment for the job we'll be doing together but if we can get it done and filmed we'll share the profits 50/50.

In year 2020, the community is fed up with all the criminality. The government makes an agreement with the military developing a method to rehabilitate the criminals back to the society within a couple of weeks treatment. Secret experiments on humans begin a new era without crimes. Not everybody is happy with the results, a young man fears that the government is using methods that are against human rights and starts to investigate. He gets terrified of what he finds out and soon he find himself being a part of it.

If you're interested in the idea and want to hear more of it please contact me as soon as possible.

Jens Friberg