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The Production Sound Recording for Film and Video Workshop Led by Six-Time Emmy Award Recipient, Richard H. Topham, CAS Will Place at the Headquarters in New York City

Learn real-world production techniques from a six-time Emmy Award recipient and 30-year veteran in the motion picture industry.

Free Door Prize Raffle: One door prize raffle winner will receive a free SGM-1X Shotgun Microphone from Azden. (Retail price: $230.00)

All filmmakers and video makers are invited to register online now to attend the Production Sound Recording for Film and Video Workshop led by six-time Emmy award recipient, Richard H. Topham, CAS. Production sound mixing is the complex craft of recording crisp and clean dialogue and sound effects on the set during film or video production. This continuing education workshop is for filmmakers and video makers of all levels who are interested in learning real-world applications and techniques related to production sound recording for film and video. The program is designed for Directors, Producers, and Sound Department Crew and Instructors who want to improve their skills, keep updated on tools of trade and take their productions to the next level. The workshop and networking event will take place on Saturday, July 17, 2010, at the and StudentFilmmakers Magazine headquarters in Broadway, New York City, NY.

All attendees present at the workshop will be entered into a free door prize raffle drawing. One door prize raffle winner will receive a free SGM-1X Shotgun Microphone from Azden. (Retail price: $230.00)

To reserve and guarantee seats, follow the online registration link at:

What You Will Learn:

• Psychology of Production Sound Recording.
• What the Sound Mixer really hears.
• What the Camera Operator, Director and the rest of the world hears.
• Cocktail Party Effects.
• Digital Recorders.
• Sound for DSLR.
• Microphone Basics.
• Selection and Application of Microphones.
• Boom Operator Techniques.
• Practical Usage of Lavaliers and Wireless Mics. Including How-To Rig Lavaliers.
• Advanced Use of Plant Mics.
• Portable Mixers, including both ENG Mixers and Mixing Boards.
• Set Etiquette.

FOR PRESS TICKETS, online registration is open at:

About Richard H. Topham, CAS:

Richard H. Topham Jr. got his start in 1977 when he opened Location Sound in Hollywood, California, with his father, Dick Topham Sr. In time, Rich Topham Jr. opened his own stores in Florida (’89), New York (’92), Las Vegas (’93) and Sydney, Australia (’91) as well as manufacturing company, PSC in 1986. Rich has worked with many major films, televisions series, sitcoms, commercials and industrial videos. His clients include Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers and all major networks. In addition, Rich has set up musical sound systems for Record Companies, Music Videos, Band Rehearsals and Tours for Madonna, Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. The N.Y.P.D., L.A.P.D., U.S. Postal Inspectors, the FBI, DEA, CIA, ATF and IRS have also all used his services in setting up their surveillance systems. Rich is also a member for National Associate of Technical Investigators with top security clearance, and NRA Range Safety officer and teaches trap and skeet shooting. In 1995, Rich moved back to New York with his family so that he can raise his kids on the east coast. You can currently find Rich in his New York store, Professional Sound Services (, almost any day of the week.

About and StudentFilmmakers Magazine

Never Stop Learning. Never Stop Networking. provides educational resources via website networking, its magazine publication, StudentFilmmakers, and workshops to film and video makers of all ages around the world. and StudentFilmmakers Magazine cover the latest, cutting-edge technologies and techniques of motion picture development, pre-production, production, post production, and distribution. As new and emerging independent filmmakers and working film and video professionals in the film, television, and motion picture industry, we never stop learning in our careers. With all the new technologies and new techniques, we're all life-long students. Continue to learn cutting- edge techniques and best practices covering development, pre-production, production, post production, distribution, film/video production commentaries, and more.

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About the Sponsors:

Special thanks to Professional Sound Services and Azden Corporation, sponsors of the “Production Sound Recording for Film and Video Workshop with six-time Emmy award recipient, Richard H. Topham, CAS”.

Professional Sound Services:

Professional Sound Services in New York, NY is dedicated to providing the best in audio equipment Sales, Service and Rentals. For a number of years, Professional Sound Services have brought a concern for service to PSS customers, which has won PSS a loyal clientele in production sound for motion pictures, broadcasting, and video production. PSS also serve recording studios, schools, universities, and government agencies worldwide. For more information, please visit

Azden Corporation:

Creating the newest, most technologically advanced audio products has been a tradition at Azden for over 55 years. Taking advantage of the latest in CAD and SMT technology, every Azden product is loaded with features and enhancements within minimal space. For more information, please visit

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