Regional Food Suggestions for Documentary Short


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We are working on a documentary short about regional foods that are disappearing from the national chain grocery store shelves. Once the grocery store reflected the foods and culinary heritage of each region of our country. There was a time that Coors beer was no sold East of the Mississippi River, Moonpies only existed in the South, and Small regional food companies are being bumped from the store shelves and we are loosing these food traditions.

These are those foods that maybe your grandparents had in their pantry and you refused to eat. Things (and these are real) Mudfish in a Jar, Kraut Juice, and canned snake.

We would like input on regional foods in your area. You know those strange food items on the top shelf that you have no idea how they are used or what to cook with them.

Our film will include calling the makers of these unique foods and learning the history and reason behind why Mudfish is available in a can. Then we will have a big food tasting offering volunteers the chance to taste these items and give their feedback.

So, please let us know about your regional foods and if you want to learn more about our project please feel free to visit: