Reel Authors (FIRST screenplay contest with 'script to reader genre match' guarantee)

Reel Authors

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Hey student and graduate filmmakers! :D

This is the first introduction to the Reel Authors Screenplay Contests.

Reel Authors was set up by freelance film industry workers to encourage NEW writing talent and to BANISH genre subjectivity in screenplay contests...

Therefore, we are the FIRST contest to have a 'script to reader genre match' guarantee.We currently offer two biannual screenplay contests:

*International Break Out Screenplay Contest -For all genres, both TV and Film scripts are accepted
*Pulsar Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest - Exclusively for Sci-Fi Film and TV scripts

Soon, our exclusive Action genre contest will be up and running too. From experience we know that Drama and Comedy scripts currently rule the top placings of most contests (due to storyline and character aspects scripts are heavily judged upon), so we wanted to set up exclusive genre contests to ensure new talent of all genres have the chance of shining through to get the recognition they deserve.

Now more about our 'script to reader genre match' guarantee...

At Reel Authors, we've all been in the industry for so long and wonder how new talent can ever be discovered if screenplay contests continue to be so subjective?! So we made sure that we have different readers for each genre (meaning readers only read scripts for genres they truly love!), (as well as having an even ratio of male and female readers), that way, contestants can be 100% sure their script will be read by someone who appreciates that genre (for eg. a Western script will be given to someone who loves Westerns, not someone who loves RomComs and despises cowboys).

Therefore screenplays will be judged fairly on talent and industry related content (Reel Authors offers a 100 point industry orientated scorecard complete with an analysis of approx. 400-600 words) so writers know exactly where they stand and have full assurance that the readers have read their scripts to its entirety. (I'm sure a lot of you would have experienced doubt as to whether a reader actually read your script or just skim-read the first 20 pages!)

Our FAQ page is here: all our standard regulations are consistent throughout all our contests and our contests run every 6 months so you will never have to play the waiting game for a year for results. If you opt for feedback/analysis and scorecard, you will receive them within a month (30 days).

Contest entry is $25.

Contest entry with analysis and scorecard is $45.

We're also newly on Facebook! 'Like' our Pulsar Sci-Fi Facebook page or our Reel Authors Screenplay Contests Facebook page and you'll automatically go in the draw to win FREE CONTEST ENTRY AND ANALYSIS/SCORECARD!

-We'll be drawing a winner every month so stay tuned to us on Facebook for results.

Get those fingers typing!

Reel Authors
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