RED L.A. User Group Meeting, May 10


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Kappa Studios, Inc. is proud to host the 2nd meeting of

RED Los Angeles User Group

May 10, 2008
9:00 - 12:00 noon

For directions, more information and to register please visit:

Come and join your friends at the 2nd RED Los Angeles User Group meeting.

This month we'll have presentations by Element Technica, D.P. Gianny Trutmann and producer Rick Shaw who have just finished a documentary shoot in Watts. is giving away a $299 door prize of their complete bundle for Final Cut Pro. These fast, RED suitable plugins are capable of working at higher bit depth than what is normally possible in Final Cut Pro.

We may have some last minute special guests at the meeting!

There will be a suggested $5 donation to help with the cost of breakfast and refreshments.

Jon Firestone

It's great to see the LA User group being so active. I'm not from LA, but I'll be there later this month. To bad I'm going to miss the meeting by a few days though It would be cool to meet you guys.