Questions to ask when writing


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Some more thoughts on questions to ask when writing a story. Can even be used as a generic structure arc. My suggestions here have been used in reference to crating internal struggle in a character (want vs. need), but you could substitute anything there if you wanted.


1. Problem/Need - What problem or need is it that the main character is trying to fulfill? A character trait.
Indiana Jones must learn that the Ark of the Covenant is not just an archeological treasure.

2. Desire - What is it that the main character wants. Can be specific or can be more abstract.
Abstract - Kristin wants to have a good time.

Specific - Indiana Jones wants to keep the Nazis from getting the Ark of the Covenant.

3. Opponent - Who is getting in the way of the protagonist achieving their desire?
Nazis want to keep Indiana Jones from getting the Ark.

4. Plan - The action of the movie. The actions the characters take to achieve their goal/evolve. The Beat Sheet.

5. Battle - The protagonist is forced to perform what used to be a desire, which is now an impossible burden.
Indiana Jones is caught by the Nazis and must use his knowledge to avoid getting killed by the Ark.

6. New Equilibrium - The protagonist has finally solved the main problem or fulfilled the actual need, the world is at rest again.

Indiana Jones closes his eyes when the Ark is opened because he understands its power.

7. Revelation - The protagonist’s equilibrium has been revealed to the audience.
Indiana Jones recognizes that the Ark is from the power of God, not just a treasure made by Man.

Loglines -

This is the story of a character/protagonist who wants to achieve their goal, but the opponent is doing something to stop the protagonist.