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Hello Mr Mullen, my name is Raymond Baeza and I'm a really big fan of a film you were involved in entitled "The Last Big Thing". To the dismay of thousands of fans of this modern masterpiece, it has not been officially released on DVD or even VHS. And it appears that it never will be.

I caught "The Last Big Thing" on sundance channel years ago and instantly fell in love with it. And I would really love to get ahold of a copy if it is at all possible. I realize this is an unusual overbearing request but it really is my last resort. I've tried contacting Dan Zukovic, The Sundance Channel, Stratosphere Entertainment, and countless other people to no avail.

It's a shame that this film will be lost and forgotten forever when there are so many people out there dying to have this film in their collection. If you can help in any way it would be very much appreciated and if not, I understand. Thank you for your time.

Raymond B.
I don't even have a copy of that movie, and Dan is near impossible to get ahold of ever since he moved to Vancouver. He did make another feature up there in Canada called "Dark Arc" that I shot a short bit for as a pick-up shot in California.

I hope "Last Big Thing" becomes available someday on DVD. We shot that in 35mm in 3 weeks here in L.A. (mostly in Lancaster) for about $100,000.


A feature in 35 for a 100 grand, wow, proof that with the right project and choices you can shoot a feature with that budget in 35, now, it would be near impossible to convince a producer not to shoot HD with that budget.

That said, it does raise the question that if you were to shoot that project now, would you still choose 35 for it?

Kevin Zanit


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I heard about Dark Arc when it played at Cinequest in San Jose. Looks really good. But, it doesnt seem thats getting DVD treatment either.

If you do ever get ahold of Dan let him know that The Last Big Thing has a cult following and there are tons of people out there that would really like to have it.

A few weeks and only $100,000? That's amazing.


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The Last Big Thing, Dan Zukovic

The Last Big Thing, Dan Zukovic

THE LAST BIG THING is finally out today on DVD. Available for purchase on Amazon. It's been a long wait. His other film DARK ARC is also coming out in late August. Also available on DVD.