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Hello I have some question about film's Motion Characteristic

some movies like terminator 2, total recall (1990) are has a video-ish Motion Characteristic.

terminator 2 is shot on film, it is 24 fps, it was not more than 180' shutter angle but it has

lots of motion blurs, so motion feel like between film and video.

and see these pictures please

it's near 01:39:02 screen grab in terminator 2 / 24 fps video file [IMG2=JSON]{"alt":"t2slowpan.jpg","data-align":"none","data-size":"custom","src":"http:\/\/\/cine-uploads\/monthly_10_2016\/post-63786-0-08049300-1476739766.jpg"}[/IMG2]

you see some long kind of lamp in picture [IMG2=JSON]{"alt":"t2fastpan.jpg","data-align":"none","data-size":"custom","src":"http:\/\/\/cine-uploads\/monthly_10_2016\/post-63786-0-21605400-1476739875.jpg"}[/IMG2]

and this is same cut when fast panning. there is triple ghost.

what make this thing? entire movie is like this when fast movement.

ghosting and lots of motion blurs and video-ish motion.

because camera shutter type? between halfmoon,bowtie? or lighting? telecine,scan?

I really don't know. and sorry about awful grammar.

Thank you.
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It might be something that is done on purpose for effect. If it is throughout the movie then I think this is the case. It's not a better or worse look it's the look the artist wanted. As far as how it was done or what made it blur and ghost I don't know that technique. I can message a few cinematographers that might be able to help.