Question about intercutting different scenes.


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I'm thinking about how to go about this, but a the start of my film I want there to be a ton of momentum.

I want the viewer to be informed about the situation at hand, but I also want the situation to play out at the same time.

So there will be three different scenes at the same time - Agents arriving in the helicopter, a meeting describing their target and a crime being committed.

All of these happen at different times, however. The trucks are stolen at night, then the agents arrive via helicopter and have a meeting where they are told what has happened.

I'm thinking of different ways to execute it without confusing the viewer of the chronological order. I'm thinking -

Start with the truck robbery, trucks are leaving the yard - cut to helicopter, them getting out - cut to meeting scene, man talking about recent trucks being taken - cut to some trucks going down roads, swerving, keeping up momentum.

Obviously I want the viewer/reader to think that everything is interlaced but I don't want them to get bored with the mission brief. I want it to be compact, delivering events/info at more than one time to keep the viewer constantly paying attention and inside the film. Also, I'd rather not have flashbacks. I want a Nolan-ish Inception feel. Action and fast paced.

Any thoughts/ideas?
Implicit that helicopter is a police team. You don't need a mission briefing. If they arrive too late to stop truck robbery, the team leader is pissed.
If they're called in later to interview a witness or victim, it's unrealistic to arrive by helicopter. Save your helicopter for a chase scene later.