QUESTION about filming on private locations?



I'm new to film making and I have a big interest in making independent films but there is only so much I can shot in and out of my home. But what I want to know is how do people get access to shooting on private property rather it be in a grocery store or a hospital? If it is just simply by asking the owner or manager, how do you approach someone about it. And if its aloud, are you allowed to show copyrighted material like signs that say Wal-mart? Its just a couple questions that i would really like to know because i want to really get serious about film making. So if anyone knows the answer to any of these questions please let me know.



Well, the easiest way to get a permittion is to contact the person in charche for the location; eg the wall-mart manager, head doctor of the clinique, etc.
Shake his/her hand and explain that you don't have much money and that the shooting won't take more than so and so time.
You will leave the location in the same condition as it was when you came, and promise to send him/her a dvd.

Don't know about the copyrighted signs. Guess that depends on how big a movie you're making.


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Some places if your not shooting when their open , you could probably just go to as long as your shooting exterior stuff and no one would have a problem.


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im guessn you are in the states, from the wal-mart reference, and so im not sure how it differs from aus, but it shouldnt be to different. i find the trick is to look like you know what you are doing when you meet with a manager or store owner etc. if you have a friend book a meeting over the phone on behalf of yourself and take them with you as an assistant or producer to the meeting and be organised, eg do up a location release form (just a couple of typed lines on a piece of paper) saying the dates of the shoot and the address of location and ask them to sign it once they have agreed, and just be yourself, but be sure to be open about what it is you are doing. i like people and think that most of them are keen to give a guy a chance, i rekn if you are honest and upfront, most of the time you will win.
re:labels etc, we just photoshop our own brand names and bluetac them on to the existing labels. sounds like a big job but you only have to do the first row. you can also have them say things that have to do with the theme. failing that, just turn the products around.

my biggest suggestion with shooting on location is leave the place cleaner than when you first got there. its a little bit extra work but trust me it pays off and you never know, you may need the location again sometime.


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In a big chain, the manager probably doesn't have the authority to allow you to shoot there; you might get lucky if you can ensure you don't show anything that would identify the store, but my experience is that they'll want you to go through their corporate HQ for permission in most cases.

For obvious reasons, they don't want you shooting something in their store which causes harm to the corporate image and gets them fired.


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what I've found best is to find a smaller location, for instance if shooting at a supermarket, film your actor walk in to the local Vons, and then cut to a shot of them walking into Jims Drugs down the street, its often pretty exciting for Jim if a movie man wants to use his store. If you're excited, they will be too. With regard to the sign bit, just avoid them, because if your film hits the circuit and blows up, your gonna regret dealing with copyright infringement suits.

just my two cents