Punching holes in walls


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I am trying to figure out a way to get shots of a person falling into a wall (white drywall) and putting a big hole into it, and shots of people punching holes into a wall... Does anyone know of a cheap (I mean balls cheap) way to do this without losing the deposit on an apartment?


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Buy some jip rock from your DIY store at least thats what we call it over here, you should be able to punch through that if you weaken it with water. Jip rock is designed for walls so it should work great and is afforadble but the DIY to make it look like a room i leave to you.


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you could just actually do it, and just get material to fix it. I have a hole in my wall from someone hitting it and cheap fix. just ask the people at your constrcuion/hardware store on how to do it.


It doesn't sound like you're going to be building your own set. Can you maybe partially create the room? It would be sort of like making flats. You could weaken them then paint over the modifications. in cases where folks are going to be punching through the walls, you can pre cut holes and then cover them with something that'll crumble...maybe that stuff they put fake floral arrangements in..looks solid but will form fit your finger if you press into it. A 2 inch (or so) thick section should crumple nicely as you pass through it

Just a thought


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If I were going to do it on the cheap...

Use your apartment (or even better someone elses haha) and build only a fake single wall. Single rectangular frame construction,and forget bracing in the middle. Move furniture around to dress like a normal room. Remember, you only need to build enough of this wall to fill the camera, so depending on your angle, you may only need to cover a few feet. Build frame out of 2x4 (relatively cheap) and cover with Dry wall board. Don't forget to blackout the backside of the wall (ie if there are any windows on the backside of the "wall" when you punch thru you'll get light shining thru from the otherside. This is probably not desirable, but use your own descretion.)

BE WARNED: I've haven'nt actually tested drywall break-thru strength, but the stuff isn't THAT strong and it sounds like what D0gSoldi3r was refering to. You could probably weaken w/ water as he stated even further.

Even the big-budget boys build breakthru walls like that. Normal wall except for a balsa wood "section" that looks just like the wall next to it and marked with warning tape till just before the shot (since you can't tell the diff.)... "add actor, throw actor, no more wall"