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I have a 13 page short which I would love to see come to life. I have included a logline and synopsis. I am willing to work with any director (new or established) who has the means to make this film.

Too Sensible for Love

An original screenplay
Heather Beck

LOGLINE: A girl’s dreams are crushed by mundane living and working in the service sector. When she meets a wealthy businessman she unrealistically thinks all her problems are solved.

Synopsis: Alexa, 21, works in a diner with her best friend, Lisa in order to pay the rent on their apartment. Alexa is unhappy with her job and arrogant boss. When she meets a wealthy businessman, Michael she is instantly smitten by his lifestyle. Alexa soon realizes, however, that she cannot expect others to make her happy. In the end Alexa makes a life altering decision that, although rash, appears to be the best option for her.

* * *

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