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We at Hollywood Camera Work have just launched a new Prep Show series that I think will interest you.

In the first episode, legendary director John Badham (Saturday Night Fever, Wargames, Supernatural) talks with Per Holmes about directing movie stars: How are stars different from 'normal' actors, do they need more direction or less? And many other interesting questions that will be answered during the show.

In the second episode we help Alex Ferrari (director and host of IndieFilmHustle) adapt his compelling autobiography: Shooting For The Mob into a screenplay.

In the third episode we work with two talented actors to workshop scenes and try out different techniques. Per Holmes is working with Zach Meiser and Katie Mancuso as they workshop a scene from The Orville.

Prep Show on our website:

Prep Show on YouTube:

The show is also available on Apple podcast and on Spotify.

Our vision with creating Prep Show is basically to host a show where we are helping actors/writers/directors prep and workshop their stuff, and where we pick the brains of smart people. So far, we have put out these first 3 episodes and there will be many more coming. We have furthermore decided to give the Prep Show content away for free, so there is absolutely nothing to pay and everyone can enjoy it and learn from it without any costs attached.

Please do check it out and we would of course be happy should you decide to spread the word in whatever way possible.

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Hello there and welcome to the forums!
Prep Show YouTube channel has a lot of useful insights. I really like it! :)


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Hi Maura,
Thanks, I saw that you sent me an email too. We'd love to do some kind of collaboration with Student Filmmakers Magazine, e.g. having one of your film gurus on the show helping out on a project, or having someone with a film related project, that be a screenplay that needs to be fine polished or a scene in someone's movie that needs its kinks worked out and more eyes on it. In that way we could do something awesome together, that at the same time is interesting and educative for other filmmakers to watch.


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You are welcome to post here in the forums and network and help people and let them know you are here to help them. I am sure many could use some help.