premiere elements?



you may have read my last post about prices for adobe premiere. now i am wondering about premiere elements. is it worth buying for an amatuer filmmaker?


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It depends on what you mean by amateur. If you plan on becoming serious about filmmaking, whether you want to produce short films, documentaries, features, web series, or even just make some extra cash doing wedding videos once in a while, then the Adobe series is absolutely essential and worth the cost.

If you just want to make stuff for fun and family gatherings and things of that nature, you probably do not need to go as high end as that - try Vegas or something similar.

Tim Kolb

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It's tough to answer your question...

Do you ever want to be a non-amateur filmmaker?

The problem with most of these consumer editing programs is that they're geared to people cutting the shots of their feet out of Johnny's birthday party video. They really don't have the toolset to cut dialogue, edit audio and video separately, post process audio and color correct like the pro versions do...

You may end up saving a couple hundred dollars and spending the next two years of your life failing miserably at extracting what you want from the software.