Predictable - Short film for guerilla film making

Christian H

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I just finished my latest short. Titled Predictable.

Predictable is about the choices we make each day and how predictable the consequences can be. It follows a man whom makes a stop at the park to make business calls and is given a choice that will have unforeseen consequences.

I included links to uploads for Vimeo and Youtbe, Youtube has a 1080p stream vim only has 720, but I find their compression is way better than Youtubes so the video doesn't lost as much quality.

Highly recommend watching in HD if you can, the picture quality really shines at times from the 7D



About the making of my shot film Predictable:
I made this short for my Guerilla film making class. It's 9 min 28 seconds long.

I shot it with a 7D and I did all the writing, directing editing ect. Had about 4 weeks on this project so it came out pretty well.

There are a few parts where I wish the shots could have been better but working on a school schedule with others as well makes it difficult to find time for that so hopefully some of the minor technical aspects aren't enough of a deterrent. Although I truly believe the quality on average is pretty good.

Enjoy :)

Kim Welch

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the walking shot was a good start after the dark shots.
i liked the sun rise shot after he gets out of the car and the
editing rhythm after he gets of of the car.
wish it has one more scene at the end of what happened next.