Practical FX HELP- blowing someones head off


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Hey! So i am working on this thriller movie as Key. Need some practial FX advise. Theatre tricks welcome. So the set up discription reads " ...pulls a gun from his coat and delivers a bullet up to Senechel's chin, blowing the top of Senechal's head clean off". I am so lost in how to pull off this effect. I know it will involve blood tubing and some prosthetic work, I am just not sure how to make his head "blow clean off" perhaps if anyone knows any Sweeny Todd like tricks? Even that would help? Thanks so much
therse the old cake with a balloon in it! sound expensive, high pressure air!!!!or better yet the old KABUKI rig!!!!makeshift back pack, pvc fitttings an air source. and a 12volt sonenoid masked the actors body,some dog food and red dyed corn syrop