Postproduction in Moscow/ full cycle service


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Accent Studio Ltd. was established in 1993. The Studio’s main activity is PRODUCTION and POST-PRODUCTION.

We offer full-cycle service of video editing and color correction, initial and terminal subtitles elaboration and production, shots clearing (cables, safety halyards, microphones in a shot) and visual effects.Sound processing in the following formats: ÒV broadcast, D.D. 5.1.
The post dubbing of audio is maintained on the production plant, such service of the Studio includes the recording of synchronous noises in specially equipped film studios, SOUND DESIGN with using the libraries including those of the own Studio productions. The Studio possesses a cinema hall Dolby digital 5.1 and a control room QCD (Quality Control Department).

Mixing & Mastering
Sound Desing
Visual Effects
Musical arrangement
Editing & color correction

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