Plot Point 1 (Fight Club, Southland Tales)

I'm doing a short presentation about plot points and I'm very busy. It's just a student presentation-thingy to get into story-line deconstruction and of course I'm doing my own work on this and understand the importance of just "getting" it myself, but in order to save time and speed up my learning curve I'm asking this here: Can someone please explain to me where plot point 1 occurs in the following movies? (Remember, Plot Point 1, not the so-called inciting incident.)

- Southland Tales (2006)
- Fight Club (1999)

And maybe also for Green Zone (2010) if someone is familiar with the movie.

Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Kim Welch

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Fight Club

After arriving home to find his apartment has been blown up, the narrator meets Tyler at a bar. Tyler agrees to let the narrator stay with him on one condition: that the narrator hits him. He reluctantly complies, hitting Tyler in the ear, and the two end up enjoying a fistfight outside the bar, which is the birth of 'Fight Club'.