Pilot Episode - Colleagues Are Not Friends | Moving In


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Hi everybody,

Colleagues Are Not Friends is a brand new animated sitcom that I have created and the first episode, Moving In, is now online. I would love some feedback.

I am a self taught animator and have been animating now for a about five months. This new series is something that I wrote a while ago and was going to send the scripts out but decided to just create it myself.

The end product of the episode is nowhere near perfect. This is a one man project and the aim is to release the first season over the next few months and then look back at my work to see how much it has improved. I will also take on board any feedback I receive along the way so all help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Robert Miller

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The project has a lot of potential, I will give you that. You need to work on the audio, to increase the recording quality and you can do this by using a better microphone. Have you considered working with high school passionate and creative kids? They could do amazing voice overs just for the experience to do voice overs :)