Parkour Thriller Zombies


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Hi everyone. This is my first post on your forum. I've recently finished a short lighthearted zombie film called 'Parkour Thriller Zombies'. As you can no doubt tell, it was shot on a budget of pretty much zero. I produced the film myself, with some help from others with some of the camera work, zombie make-up and costumes.

It was shot mostly on a Sony Z5, with a few shots done on a Z1, although I later replaced some of these due to the poor low light level performance of the Z1 compared to the Z5. I edited it in Final Cut Pro, with some subtle effects from Motion in places. I did the audio mix in Pro Tools, and graded it in Color.

None of us are professional dancers by the way, but we did our best!

Anyway, have a look:

Parkour Thriller Zombies